About Us

Velocity is a domestic enterprise engaged in the shipping and logistics sector of Kuwait. It is an extension of Fayez Yacoub Abu Al-Hassan, a customs clearance company founded in 1982. Due to our expansion, Velocity now facilitates international trade as well as trade between countries incorporated within the Gulf Cooperation Council.

At Velocity, we understand that each of our customers have unique requirements. Therefore, Velocity aims to be identified by its comprehensive services, which have been developed to provide tailored logistic services. This includes but is not limited to customs clearance, shipping, and transportation of goods.

Velocity extends its services to all business and non-business personnel within varying fields ranging from macro and micro organisations, private and public institutions, entrepreneurs as well as local communities


Velocity aims to work with excellence, providing effective and efficient services, and consistently deliver high performance.

We seek to offer innovative solutions with transparency, complete credibility and competitive prices.


To make shipping and all related services customer-friendly, secure, and economically feasible.

To provide all services with the utmost professionalism while keeping pace with the present times.


Providing fair competitive prices to all our customers to increase the competitive advantage of the company by providing superior quality, prices, and services.

Velocity values each one of our customers and strives to consistently meet requirements and keep our promises.

We commit ourselves to the highest ethical standards and believe in operating with the utmost respect and sincerity in all aspects of the business.

We are committed to providing an exceptional level of service in all areas of business.

Velocity prides itself on its ability to find innovative solutions designed to not only meet but also surpass customer expectations. We strive to overcome challenges and achieve maximum productivity with the available resources and integrated teamwork.

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